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Who We Are

We're friends that feel like family.

We each share a passion for regenerative farming. For growing food while rehabilitating the land and our bodies alike. For making a difference, one nutrient-dense carrot at a time.

We believe that food is medicine. That farming is therapy. And that everyone has a right to clean and healthy gifts from the earth. Science continues to confirm the ever-intricate benefits of eating locally-grown (and organically produced) food. Researchers have seen the microorganisms of human digestion mimic the seasonal shifts occurring in the microorganisms of local soil.
We reflect our surroundings, including the diverse ecology underneath our very toes.
Our farm is certified organic, but we strive to be much more than that.

But we don't always get so technical. We like to watch how freshly-harvested and lovingly-cultivated food transforms a meal. What it offers for those gathered — in flavor, vitality, and conversation.
We believe that really-good-for-you food enhances all areas of our lives...
from the micro to the macro. And our goal is to share it with as many people as possible.
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