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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between our farm and people interested in receiving the freshest certified organic produce available. Rather than simply purchasing food, our customers become “members” of our farm who receive a portion of the farm’s harvest each week during our main harvest season.  


Our CSA runs for 20 weeks, from mid-May to September. Members are responsible for showing up at their chosen pick-up site to pick up your share of freshly harvested, organic vegetables. Members receive one box each week with enough produce to

feed 1-2 people for the week.





Asian Greens



Bok Choy





Collard Greens




Green Onions






Mustard Greens








Summer Squash

Swiss Chard



Salad Mix



Riverside Farmers Market | Thurs 4-8pm
McKinley Arts Center, Southwest Reno
California St. Farmers Market | Sat 8-1pm
The Village Marketplace, Southwest Reno 
Sparks DROPP Warehouse | Mon 9-4pm
1275 Kleppe Lane (just off I-80), Sparks

Common questions

What can i expect in a csa box each week?

Your weekly box will be a reflection of what we're harvesting each week. Each box has about 10 different varieties of veggies and herbs, with staple items (i.e. lettuces, herbs, garlic, kale, etc) repeating often. We occasionally partner with other local growers (who are also committed to "beyond organic" practices) to provide our CSA members with unique items we don't grow. Each week's box feeds 1-2 people, depending on how much you love vegetables (and cook at home).   


Why Would i pay so far in advance for my veggies?

It might seem strange to purchase "your share" of veggies months ahead of the time they're even ready for harvest. Doing so ensures you a spot on our CSA, which has a tendency to fill up before the season begins, but it also plays an important role in supporting your local farmers. We make all of the big purchases for our season in the Winter in order to be able to bring you fresh deliciousness in the late Spring and Summer. That's why CSA stands for "community supported agriculture." Huge government
subsidies don't support small organic farms — people

in our community do.

Are half or split boxes available?

While half CSAs (or split boxes) aren't available, we encourage those interested in a smaller weekly harvest to find a person to split your CSA with each week. A neighbor, friend, or family member might be interested in some uber-fresh local produce

as much as you are. 

Can I see Where My Veggies Are Grown?

Why yes! We host a special, CSA Member-Only Farm Tour at the start of our CSA Season. It's our members' opportunity to see exactly where and how their food is grown, and to meet the sweet folks bringing them the harvests! This typically falls on the weekend before Memorial Day weekend. 


Have another question???

Check out our FAQ page here.

Our Harvest is Your harvest

Our Low-Waste Commitment

Our CSA Functions with Reusable Totes & Bags

In our effort to make farming as eco-friendly as possible, we introduced reusable totes and bags for last year's produce. It was a huge step forward and one we continue to refine.

The cost of this year's CSA includes a $50 deposit for the package set (two black totes and one produce bag set). If the package set is returned in working condition at the end of the season, that $50 deposit will be returned to the CSA member.


Please Read these CSA Membership Terms ...
CSA Box Weekly Pick Up
All CSA members are responsible for picking up their CSA share from their chosen pick-up site during the times listed. If you cannot pick up your CSA share for any reason, you may send someone to pick it up for you instead. Going on vacation? Have a friend or neighbor experience the delicious vitality of truly farm-fresh food!
left-behind boxes
If a CSA member fails to pick up their weekly share, please know that left-behind boxes of produce will be donated to those who don't normally have access to farm-fresh, organic produce.
pick-up location change
If you need to change your pick-up location, you must inform Prema Farm (at info@premafarm.com) at least 3 days before your scheduled pick-up day. This notice is necessary for us to reorganize where your CSA share is stored and delivered.
refund policy
If you need to cancel your CSA membership, we require notice via email (to info@premafarm.com) at least 2 weeks before your stop date. Members will only receive a refund of the remaining weeks and not for the time prior to their stop date.
CSA means shared Risks/rewards
All CSA members share in the risks and rewards of the farm. At Prema Farm, we promise to do our best to provide you with a bountiful share each week, but the quantity of produce can vary from week-to-week due to extreme weather, overwhelming pests, or other production factors despite our best efforts. In the unlikely event of a crop failure, your CSA share will be supplemented with other crops grown on the farm that are ready for harvest at that time.

OUR 2020 CSA is FULL!

Thank you for your interest in our CSA program.

While our list is currently full, occasionally we do have openings arise. To be notified, please click the button below to be added to the waitlist.  

& Thank you for Caring about Organic And Local! &


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