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Week 2 CSA

We're excited to get this week’s harvest into your hands, homes, and delicious meals. As summer rapidly approaches, our plants are eagerly racing towards the sky (and your plates). The recent heat wave has spurred the momentum of peak season to begin!

Over the next 19 weeks we’ll be working hard to bring you a diverse bounty of organic deliciousness. We’ll be sharing recipes, stories, and thoughts on the importance of exactly what you’re doing: helping a small organic farm build a more sustainable, local food economy and a regenerative approach to high desert farming.

For us, farming is our way of giving back. The land generously nourishes those who nourish it, forming a resilient reciprocity. We're passionate about sensitive land stewardship and we aim to create vibrant, nutrient-dense food in process. None of this would be possible without the direct support and faith of those who purchase our farm shares. This is the power and the beauty of the community supported agriculture (CSA) model.

We appreciate your part in this journey!

Farmer Zach shows 4 y/o Anjali how to plant a sacred indigenous variety of corn that has never been sold or bought.


Inside Your Box This Week


Sugar Snap Peas

Purple Radish

Hakurei Turnips


Asian Greens


Wild Nettle*

*mindfully wildcrafted by local herbalist,

Mary McCallum, of Radiant Heart Herbals


Recipes Worth Trying...

{click images to go to recipe}


For supporting our small organic farm.

For helping pave a way forward for regenerative agriculture.

For investing in young farmers.

For buying local.

We're honored to nourish you!


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