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Week 1 CSA

We made it! Not even a global pandemic can stop the force that is Community Supported Agriculture. Indeed, it's the force of Nature herself filling your boxes with verdant glory. Your commitment to finding a local, organic, and sustainable source for your produce is fueling our passion to grow nutrient-dense food and galvanizing our efforts to revitalize our local food shed.

Spring showers are about to meet summer's heat and our crops are displaying their typical hesitant eagerness of May. So are we, actually. We've (mostly) learned our lesson over the past two seasons of the frost lurking in early June. Sure, the stretches of 80+ degree days in May are enticing, but they can't override the disappointment that hundreds of frost-killed zucchini plants create. Well, not completely. We *might* have excitedly planted 50 bed-feet of melons a couple of weeks back... but we're tucking them in under snug agricultural covers at night in an effort to hedge our bets. After all, who doesn't like melons in July? [insert nervous smile here...]

So much of farming is about having one eye firmly focused on the current details (weed garlic beds, prune tomatoes, track down evasive squirrel eating snap peas, harvest more cilantro, remind toddler to not to ride bike over baby bok choy, etc) while the other is fixed on weeks, even months, down the road (prepare beds for potatoes, compost mulch garlic, cover crop zone M, etc). So while your late spring CSA is showcasing her many shades of green, we're already drooling over the rainbow harvests to come!

We appreciate you choosing our farm's CSA to nourish you this season and ignite your culinary adventures. We'll know we've done it right if it brings you closer to your food, your farmers, and the land that connects us all.

Lovely sugar snap pea blooms before turning into sweet crunchy deliciousness.

Inside Your Box This Week

Bok Choy


Butter Lettuce


Red Mustard Greens


Hakurei Turnips

Sugar Snap Peas


Recipes Worth Trying...

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For supporting our small organic farm.

For helping pave a way forward for regenerative agriculture.

For investing in young farmers.

For buying local.

We're honored to nourish you!


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