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Hands of the Harvest {Week 19 CSA}

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

There have been tender, thoughtful, and tenacious hands bringing you the harvests each week, and it's about time you met who they belong to!

Our peak season crew changes each year, despite us wishing we could keep everyone here all year long. It works well, however, as we've shaped our work offering into an in-depth learning opportunity for aspiring farmers. There aren't many regenerative market farms in climates as unique as ours, so we've welcomed much interest in this chance to be incubated as a high desert farmer.

Your CSA, nor any of our nourishing harvests, would be possible without this tireless crew. They weathered more challenges this year than any team before them. They came out in smoke they'd rather have avoided, by choice, just to help the farm along. They endured a heatwave like we've never seen. And they bore the weight of an often truncated team because of the ongoing potential of covid exposure.

Give it up for your Prema Farmers!

CASSIDY CASE has been with us since she interned over the 2018 winter. She was still a student at Evergreen University in Washington, but native to Reno. When she graduated, we scooped her up as quickly as we could! Cass is our Farm Manager and she ensures operations are smooth and interns are well-directed.

Why You Farm: I've always loved environmentalism and farming is the perfect junction of environmental science and community.

Favorite Farm Task: Harvesting potatoes

Surprising Fact: I have a twin brother

Favorite Prema Veggie: Lately it's been the hakurei turnips. I enjoy them raw in all of my salads.

HAWA NAIMZADA joined us as an intern this year after farming in various locations for the past four years. Raised in Fairfield, CA, and now sharing her gifts with the high desert, Hawa brings a gentle determination and sweetness to our team.

Why You Farm: Because I love to grow food for the community and to continue learning more about small-scale farming.