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Feed Your Hands {Week 8 CSA}

The great American writer and farmer, Wendell Berry, calls soil "the healer, restorer and resurrector" while outlining the land as our very beginning and our only hope for continuing on.

He describes soil as "the great connector of lives" and our own experience farming has confirmed that it breathes life into the hands tending it. We end farm days physically exhausted and thoroughly replenished. Hands weathered by the land, with dirt permanently wedged into grooves, often pair with eyes wide and bright with hope. There is an anchoring that settles us land creatures into place when we reach into the earth. The waves of current events can sway and rock, but they can't untether. The soil is the womb of the planet as we know it, where darkness churns death into an endless variety of life, yearning for light and reaching for its own greatest potential.

Being close to the soil makes it easier to believe that anything is possible.

We welcomed another group of volunteers out to the farm this past weekend and the replenishing power of the land was again confirmed. These folks traveled all the way from the Bay to spend a day with us digging and pulling and planting. They ended it tired-happy just like we do and thanked us profusely for welcoming them. After our lovely and generous garlic helpers a couple of weeks back, and now this fresh group of volunteers, it reminded us how mutually beneficial these playful farm workdays can be. So, we're excited to announce that we've planned a handful more of them on different days and for various stretches of time. We're aiming for enough variety so that some of our long-time supporters can finally get a chance to see where and how we grow this food. For you CSA members, you'll also get the opportunity to come out for our annual CSA tour (possibly on September 10th), but perhaps you want a more hands-on introduction? Farming, even for just a few hours, is no walk in the park this time of year, so we also understand if you don't! If this calls you, however, like it is calling so many of us, we look forward to welcoming you out here. We'll line up easy, fulfilling tasks, and keep the filtered water and lighthearted jokes flowing. We'll keep the nuts and cheese and other yumminess on the side of the hearty farm salad we make, and can guarantee that some dainty-but-hardy farm fairies will flutter about your time here with trails of glitter and dirt. ;) Click here to see our new volunteer days.

Hand-scale farming means we welcome many hands! It also means your food is grown with energy from the sun, the earth, and a passionate group of people

Inside Your Box This Week

Little Gem Lettuce

Slicer Tomatoes

Pea Shoots

Curly Kale

Salad Mix






Recipes Worth Trying...

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For supporting our small organic farm.

For helping pave a way forward for regenerative agriculture.

For investing in young farmers.

For buying local.

We're honored to nourish you!


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