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Farmers are an endangered species. {Week 9 CSA}

Purchasing and celebrating locally grown organic produce translates far beyond vibrant flavors and peak nutrition. It is literally fueling a transformation.

It might be surprising to learn that our nation's farming industry faces a serious problem: a lack of farmers. Currently, the average age of the American farmer is 58, with over a third of them beyond 65. While there has been a slight trend of younger farmers getting into the field (ha), this barely scratches the surface of the farmer shortage we're facing.

Despite the economic and food security issues posed by this situation, there lies opportunity in this great transition. As it stands, less than 1% of farmland in America is organically farmed. Put another way, over 99% of our country's valuable arable land is reliant on petrochemical and biocidal applications. It's what makes agricultural one of the biggest polluters and contributors to climate change on earth. It's a sad kind of ironic, and it doesn't have to be this way.

Enter: small family farms focused on regenerative agriculture. Farms that are connected to their communities and enjoy a mutual exchange of appreciation and support. Farmers who recognize that healthy bodies and minds and ecosystems begin with healthy soil. And farms that nourish their neighbors while healing the land. What would it take for more farms like this to take over (even just a small fraction of) these retiring mega farms? What would it look like if thousands of acreage of conventional commodity crops transformed into diversified vegetable production with a focus on restoration? How would we look (and feel) as a society if our addiction to corn syrup and the endless other derivations of corn and soy was gradually replaced by a celebration of real food and colorful harvests? It would most certainly look beautiful.

Sound idyllic? It's already happening—and your weekly CSA with us makes you an integral part of it. While our tiny farm pales in comparison to the vast majority of giant farms across our nation, it is highly productive per acre, without sacrificing soil fertility in the process. And we're not alone: regenerative farming is on the rise and is being met with fierce enthusiasm in its respective communities. People appreciate clean farming, and they enjoy the rich flavors it fosters. We have a long way to go, as with so many areas in need of redirection, but our momentum is gaining and and we're committed to the long haul. Fortunately, we're a well fed, tenacious bunch.

There isn't a shortage of people wanting to farm—there's a

shortage of infrastructure to help them farm well.


Inside Your Box This Week


White Kohlrabi

Little Gem Romaine

Curly/Dino Kale

Butter Lettuce

Spring Mix

Bok Choy

Carrots  Scallions


Recipes Worth Trying...

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For supporting our small organic farm.

For helping pave a way forward for regenerative agriculture.

For investing in young farmers.

For buying local.

We're honored to nourish you!


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