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2022 Farm Positions 


Learn small-scale, no-till organic farming from a successful high desert market farm. We’ve been farming up here for 5 years and are interested in sharing everything we’ve learned with the hopes of inspiring new farmers in our region (and beyond). We call it our Farmer Incubator Program and we've already seen previous interns move on to begin their own farms after spending a season with us.


Interns can expect to gain a working knowledge of and hands-on experience with:


  • Seeding and propagation

  • Bed preparation and soil management

  • Specialty crop maintenance

  • Planting, pruning, and harvesting

  • Post-harvest practices

  • Inventory management

  • Season extension practices

  • Integrated pest management

  • Hand scale cultivation

  • Cover cropping

  • No-till practices

  • Packing and distribution

  • Market display and direct sales

This position offers serious applicants an opportunity to learn how to operate their own market farm with hands-on guidance with over 40 crop varieties. As a small (1.5 acre) farm, our interns get the chance to learn about as much as they're interested in. 

You are a good candidate for this position if:

  • You enjoy working outdoors

  • You have strong endurance, even in challenging conditions

  • You are reliable and focused

  • You are interested in starting your own farm

  • You can drive out to our farm (30 min from Reno) 5 days a week (carpooling is possible)


  • This is a 40hr/week position

  • Hours are 9am-5pm, Tuesdays - Saturdays (with slight variations during market rotations)

  • Start date is April 5th 

  • End date is late October (depending on last frost)


  • Pay is $10/hour, but the real value of this position is the hands-on guidance and extended mentorship it provides.

  • Interns receive a detailed notebook with helpful reference information, as well as mentorship when you begin your own farm. 

  • Interns also enjoy as much free produce as they'd like weekly


It's no surprise that farming is hard work, both physically and mentally. To be successful, you need to know how to run a business, propagate and tend to dozens of plants with their own unique preferences, understand the challenges our climate presents, build and troubleshoot infrastructure, process harvests effectively, and manage a team. We would have paid to be a part of a program like this when we were just starting out! So we designed it to help local aspiring farmers get past the overwhelm and build the confidence to start their own farm.

If this position excites you, we look forward to talking.




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