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Getting Props

Updated: Jan 11, 2018

Winter's hesitance to really begin this year has enabled much more movement out at the farm than we expected for January. We certainly aren't complaining, and were very excited to have constructed our first official propagation greenhouse last week. The "prop house" really owes its props to our stealthy farmers Zach, Dana, Tanner and Condron for their efforts—rain or shine.

This is a major step for a big year ahead. Most of our starts last year were crammed in MUCH less space, thereby limiting our production potential. There's little worse as a farmer than to look at rich, beautiful soil with too few plants in it (or none!). Of course, the infamous Weeds of Long Valley don't feel the same, and are quick to see a golden (brown) opportunity before we can even reach for our wheel hoe.

In fact, our limited-by-space production last year, and the left-unplanted beds it created, made us reconsider if we should really just be cheatgrass farmers instead. No irrigation necessary, grows incredibly fast, humbling amount of rootstock (so very sturdy and wind resistant), and absolutely insistent on keeping our luscious plot as its main breeding ground. Upon trying various culinary preparations, however, we learned that cheatgrass always tastes like, well... grass. And that a third stomach is also required.

The new-to-us prop house means that many more delicious and nutritious plants will be nourished by our previously hijacked beds, and you, dear readers/eaters of the Reno-Truckee foodshed, will be the beneficiaries. We've got a lot of veggies planned to start in that prop house as soon as next week and we can't wait to report on their progress and delight in this new home!